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TOTO Ltd. was founded in the year 1917. It is based in Kitakyushu, Japan and is World's largest toilet manufacturer. After evaluating all the major App Development companies in Mumbai, TOTO decided to work with us. TOTO basically wanted a catalogue app for iOS platform, that can act as a powerful marketing tool for its Sales team. TOTO is known to develop the World's most advanced, efficient (and expensive :)) toilets in World. Looking at the reputation that TOTO carries, it wasn't certainly easy for our team to brainstorm the app details that can compliment the company's stature. After quite a few rounds of discussions and long meetings, we finally started the work and the rest is history friends. TOTO loves our app and our Geeks! TOTO's app does a great job in presenting their state-of-art products in a very beautiful way.

We soon plan to start the work on Android version of the app. Their application is available on the App Store.

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GeekyWorks is technology partner of Toto for 4 yrs. We designed and developed Toto's India exclusive website, which was showcased at the 100th year celebration of Toto.

Let our work speak for itself:

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