We're Hiring!


Make your Momma Proud

Does the phrase "Outside The Box" make you cringe because it's too inside the box? Had you always wanted to work for an organization where you can give vent to your creativity?


A wise man once tweeted...

"Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live".

If you agree with it as much as we do, then hey, not sure about the psychopath but we are definitely eager to hunt you down.


Perks of joining our team of superheroes


Work Hard, Play Hard

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. At Geekyworks, our employees are anything but dull. The reason behind it? We enjoy ourselves as we work throughout the day. Time flies before we even notice it amongst the sweet talks, occasional laughs and vibing to our musical breaks.


Work From Home

Even superheroes fall sick, you never know when the superman in you comes across a piece of kryptonite. We allow you to stay back at home and work at your own leisure whenever you feel right. Don’t thank us, we know superhero bodies require high maintenance.


Flexible Growth

Expand into whichever horizon that suits your interest. Newfound interests are more than welcome. Talk, interact and learn about what others specialize in, maybe that's your arena as well.


Cultivating Genius

There's always something to learn from another individual. We believe in sharing our knowledge and thereby expanding our domains and acquiring more and more consciousness on the various issues. Growing genius minds receive better care and sunshine, extending their fruits to others around them. We help you unleash the genius in you.

We are a family who celebrates together

Happiness is multiplied the more we share it with others. Be it a small victory or a huge milestone, we pride in it together and memorialize it by going out on trips and dinners. After all, no one can whistle a symphony, it takes an orchestra to play it." Here's a few glimpses of our bondings and how we rejoice our fun times.