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Storekaro is the one stop-solution for all your storage needs. From household goods and office furniture to motorbikes and cars, you can store it all. is a unique concept that allows you to do everything online with just the click of a button. With CCTV cameras, 24 hours security, fire alarm systems and smoke detectors, plans to provide you complete peace of mind by ensuring that your good is safe at every moment.

Self-Storage service is a relatively new concept in India and the client wanted us to effectively educate the users about the idea and then make them comfortable about paying for the service online.

Website is the first impression that your client forms of your business and it was important to make sure that the site looked trustworthy. It was not just about making a good impression on the visitor but also about educating him and making him comfortable with the whole concept.

We realized that User Experience would play a very crucial part in making the website successful and took the time to understand and analyze what the customer would want to see on such a website.

We carried out an in-depth analysis of what the current competitors were offering and the target audience's perception about the service. The information resulting from the research was then applied while designing the website. Housing a lot of content, while keeping the experience pleasurable is what made the project so much fun. now has a state-of-art website that offers a complete, secure and friendly online storage experience to its users.

You can visit the website at:

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