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Is it possible to get a loan faster than you can cook noodles? Yes! You heard it right because that is exactly what Early Salary is doing. Users can now signup using their Facebook or Linkedin account, upload a few basic documents and get a loan within no time.

EarlySalary is one of the hottest startups in the Fintech industry and has taken the market by storm. Within just 4 months of launch, Early Salary received over 500,000 downloads and helped thousands of users from across the country to secure loans within just a few minutes.

GeekyWorks partnered with Early Salary primarily to work on their iOS application.

Since Early Salary's primary focus is on user needs and the ease of securing loans, the app itself had to designed and developed in a way that let's the user to browse through without unnecessary clutter and navigation. Having an experienced team of Geeks who had already worked extensively on creating similar applications made the job a lot easier. The response that users have shown to the application is a proof in itself about the success of the app.

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