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UI Developer

Pune, Maharashtra

What we're looking for

Skills required:

HTML5, CSS3, AJAX/JavaScript/JQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, Laravel/Codeigniter, PHP CMS, Angular JS, MySQL, Bit-bucket, Git /GitHub

Job Description:

  • Technical know-how from both coding & design perspective - Bootstrap grid, Material design guidelines, HTML5, CSS3, JS, CodeIgniter, Laravel etc
  • In-depth expertise and hands-on experience with Front End Development technologies like Angular, Bootstrap, and Node.Js, etc.
  • In-depth expertise and hands-on experience with Designing Web Applications using programming languages such as HTML5, CSS3, JS, JQuery, and APIs.
  • Strong understanding of UI requirements, cross-browser compatibility requirements, general web functions, and other standards.
  • Experience with basic Architectures like MVC and MVVM and also Agile software engineering practices

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • The candidate should take ownership of the assigned work from both UI and backend development standpoint.  
  • The candidate should be able to understand client requirements and come back with Design as well as Technical specs and should be able to estimate requirements at a lower level.
  • Should be able to visualize and create wireframes, storyboards, user flows, process flows and logic diagrams to communicate interaction and design ideas.
  • Should experiment on upcoming trends in coding, designing, and implementing it during development.
  • Should have seamless and fluent communication, learning attitude, and analytical nature.
  • Should be a problem solver with an attitude to contribute towards the success of Team/Project as well as organization.
  • Should be able to guide other members of the team.
  • Should take initiatives to improve code quality standards and team efficiency.
  • Should be able to participate in the requirements gathering and come up with efficient solutions.
  • Should be able to Efficiently estimate the high and low level along with assessing risk items.

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