Written by Satyendra | September 28, 2015

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The world of web design finds itself in the middle of a rapid development phase. 2015 has witnessed the emergence of a number of important trends such as flat UI, responsive design, and scrolling. If the experts are to be believed, all of them will only continue to grow as key trends of contemporary web design in 2016.

While peeking into the future of web design, two facts have to be acknowledged- one, innovative technological developments will have an inevitable impact on the various design techniques; two, the growing importance of web developers will be an inspiration to the web designers to come up with imaginative solutions so that they can set themselves apart from the professional crowd.

With that in mind, let us now take a look at five of the web designs trends that you can expect to be hot picks for the upcoming year 2016.

Responsive Design

It would be wrong to refer to this as a trend any longer! Rather, this has come to define itself as an industry standard. Nevertheless, making a mention of responsive design is worthwhile as, in contrast to an adaptive, fluid, or fixed design this makes for an excellent choice that matches the expansive growth of the mobile market.

This is likely to force the web designers into keeping an eye on this aspect while planning their work. If yours is a website that does not respond to the various screen sizes, you are losing out on a lot of UX and relevance. Experts believe that 2016 will witness more Internet traffic from mobile devices rather than desktops and this is bound to have an impact on web design.

There will be a lot of scrolling

The fingers are set to get a lot of exercise in 2016 with scrolling which many believe will set a ruling precedence. Websites that make use of the scrolling feature will only extend the functionality to a maximum with all the content being shaped to fit into a scrolling paradigm.

There are a number of reasons why scrolling has become popular. It is an intuitive and interactive experience with the website, offering a significant improvement on the UX. Moreover, it helps in speeding up the webpage which is always an important aspect of web design.

Time to do away with the large background images Large, high-quality images may have been around to decorate numerous website headers in 2015 but things are all set to change in 2015. Simple speaking, the trend has become too popular for its own good. With every other person using these images, it's time you set the precedence of change!

It is highly likely that most designers will stick to the use of these large headers which will only be spiced up a little with the use of unique typographic designs that leave the background blank. Do away with these large images and both your website performance and speed will surely improve and that is a value you simply cannot discount!

Playing around with ghost buttons

Very often we come across things on websites that pop up here and there. These are nothing but ghost buttons. The fact that they have become popular means that they will likely be around for a little while longer than many would have expected. They are a great feature to have on any website- sophisticated, elegant, and minimalistic. 2016 is believed to be the year when they gain further prominence and become invaluable especially for those websites that rely on background videos, bold colors, or characteristic typography.

A flat design may be the answer

For those who thought that shadows, gradients, patterns, or bubbles could ever make a comeback, this is a plea- think again! The near future (read, 2016) will see the Internet embracing minimalism and a good design style that fits in with this trend is a flat design. Interestingly, this design is also perfect for mobile devices as it provides an intelligible page structure and clear layout.

While it is nothing new to come across a flat design, it has undergone some radical changes. This will probably undergo a significant makeover and look completely different in the near future but flat design is something we simply cannot live without- not today, not tomorrow ever!

The web design industry lies in eager anticipation to see what new stories, styles, and trends 2016 throws at us while waiting to discover those that will become mere footnotes at the turn of the calendar year.

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