9 Really useful tools for small businesses
Posted by Satyendra on 1st Apr 2015 12:57:22

Every business has a few pet tools in its arsenal that help it stay ahead and survive cut throat competition. If you are just starting up or are in the growing phase, you too need a couple of tools to keep yourself updated and manage your business easily yet professionally. In this post, we list 9 such tools which can prove beneficial for small businesses in the longer run. 

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Top 10 inspirational quotes for entrepreneurs
Posted by Satyendra on 12th Mar 2015 18:07:45

Whether it is life or business, we all need some motivation to lead a successful and happy life. Motivation is the power that enables us to deal with the rise and fall of life in a better way because it keeps us away from being frustrated. It is the source that gives birth to new hopes and aspirations.


An entrepreneur’s life is full of challenges and stress whether they are new in the business or are established. They need to motivate themselves constantly in order to go through all this stress. So we thought of bringing to you a fresh yet classic dose of inspiration. Here’s our list of top 10 motivational quotes that can help entrepreneurs move ahead with positivity. 

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10 mistakes to avoid as a first time entrepreneur
Posted by Satyendra on 27th Feb 2015 13:48:59

Choosing the right partner – Choosing a business partner seems oh-so-easy! ‘Oh, he is a very good friend of mine; we have been friends for like ages. We love each other - what could possibly go wrong?’ Answer: Everything.

Remember: You are out there to do business and being good friends is not the only criteria that you should be looking at while going into a business partnership. Try and choose a partner who possesses skills that complements yours, so that you both can support each other in the longer run. There are lot of other things that one should consider before choosing a partner, which we’ll discuss in a different post. Let’s consider some more mistakes one can make as an entrepreneur.


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